Product Review: LG Optimus V Android Phone for Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile, one of the top retailers of prepaid phones and services, has been in the smart phone game for a few months now. Until recently, their phones offered had remedial internet capabilities and high-costing phone plans. When smart phones rose in popularity, Virgin Mobile decided to offer the same types of phones, at a slightly higher cost. They also changed their phone plans to include unlimited text, data, calls and downloads.
The Phone

The LG Optimus V is the newest smart phone offered from Virgin Mobile. At just $149.99 you can get a smart phone with Android capabilities including access to over 100,000 android apps. This phone also has a variety of features that are similar to any smart phone. The LG Optimus V is a great entry-level smart phone for those looking for a no-contract phone to use.

This phone is 4.47″ x 2.32″ and weighs 4.69 oz. It has a 3.2″ touchscreen as well as buttons on the front for the Menu, Home Page, Back and Web Search. There is also a slot for ear buds (which come included with the phone), volume buttons and a camera button for the 3.2 MP camera.


The LG Optimus V comes loaded with features including a 3.2 MP camera, Android 2.2 operating system, 600 MHz processor, video and video recording capabilities as well as a variety of other features. While you have access to the Android Market for more apps, there are also several apps already loaded onto the phone. These include Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation (GPS), Virgin Mobile Live, Web Search and SVNGR.

With the LG Optimus V, you have a 3G network as well as an optional Wi-Fi capability. It is one of the only phones available by Virgin Mobile with built-in Wi-Fi. For texting, you have the option of using Android’s keyboard, or you can use Swype which allows you to enter text by tracing out words with your finger. To increase driving safety, it has bluetooth technology as well as voice-activation for many of the apps, texting and calls.

The LG Optimus V works as both an MP3 player and video player. You can download media via the web and Android apps, or you can transfer them from your computer using the Micro SD card and adapter that come with the phone. The micro SD card that is loaded onto the phone fits 2G, and the phone itself will fit a Micro SD card of up to 32G that are sold separately.

Battery Life

As far as battery life goes, the LG Optimus V claims to have 6 hours of talking time, with 7 days of stand-by time. To increase battery life, close applications not in use and set the screen timeout to 30 seconds. This way, when the phone is not currently in use, it will not drain your battery as quickly. Most applications will remain open, unless you manually exit from them by clicking the menu button, then clicking exit or sign-out.

Android Apps

You have access to over 100,000 Android apps including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, Pandora, Barcode Scanner and many more. You can search the apps through the phone via keyword or category with the option to search the free and paid apps. Choose from a variety of games, social apps and basically anything you can think of to put on your phone.

Virgin Mobile Talking Plans

Virgin Mobile has come a long way as far as plans go. It used to be that the best plan was unlimited texting and 10 cents a minute calls. They now have many different talking, texting and data plans available. For the LG Optimus V, you have three plan choices. All three of them offer unlimited text, data, email and web which is amazingly superior to contract phones. $25 a month gets you 300 anytime minutes, $40 a month gets you 1200 anytime minutes and $60 a month will give you unlimited anytime minutes.

My Review

I love this phone; plain and simple. It isn’t my first smart phone, but I made the switch to Virgin Mobile because of the talking and texting plans they have. They are superior to most contract phone plans, and this phone is great for a first-time smart phone user. I have had no issues with this phone. The volume and video player work great and if you read the manual, you should have no problems figuring out the menu and applications.


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