Bloggers, Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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Today, I just read about another wannabe blogger who quit their real job to work online. What a shame when they realize that they don’t have a clue about how to make real money online. Go ahead, quit your day job to “work online” as a professional blogger, chances are you will be wishing you had your old job back. It will take a week or two to sink in, but to replace a real jobs income, you need to be in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of bloggers or better. Oh and excuse me if I didn’t count your Ebay gig selling old shit from your basement, that doesn’t really count since even my grandmother could do that. For all of you folks who want to quit your day job to be a full time blogger, don’t rush into it. I know you want to sit on your ass for days on end and share your stories with the world, but you need to understand that this is a hobby, not a living. If you are thinking about doing it fulltime, then at least be making $100 per day profit, or you will be wasting your time.

So you are still determined? You’ve diversified your online income? You have multiple streams of income? In my opinion, anyone who can run an online business that is creating positive cash flow from diversified sources successfully, can probably make a much better living in the real world. If blogging was to die tomorrow, bloggers making a $100 per day could easily get a job that pays triple that because of their unique skill set, is this you? Or are you another dreamer? If you cannot make a generous amount of money in the real world, then chances are you are not going to do any better on the Internet.

I’m not writing this to hurt your feelings either, instead its a wakeup call to the legions of losers who think they are going to make a living online. If you are serious at all about making a living online, pleeeease make sure that you know how to produce a sustainable income that will replace the benefits from your current job.

My final tip for today is for those who still insist on trying to make a living online. If you know how to make a website that can produce $1 per day, each and every day, you should make 100 of those websites to make at least $100 per day. This method does work if you do it correctly. Now imagine if you could only build sites that could make $2 per day!

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