World Of Goo: First Impressions

Two of my favourite blogs were gushing about World Of Goo in their respective posts, so I just had to check it out. Thus I decided to brave through FilePlanet for a demo and joined a download queue. But my impatience got the better of me, so I just googled around for a suitable mirror. 5 seconds later, I managed to get it from some funky site which google found for me; 5 minutes later, it was on my harddrive; 5 hours later, I remembered I got it on my harddrive and proceeded to install to try it out.

The Goos are damn cute, the ambient music is nice, the graphics are top-notch, and the physics effects are great! Perfect game, no? But alas, I wasn’t really that into the game. I think the demo allowed one to play the first chapter, but after 4 levels, I was already starting to get bored. It was fun figuring it out for a while or making your tower into funny little shapes until you run out of living goo balls, having which you just hit the restart button. The signs were also very humourously done, never failing to get a chuckle from me. I also liked the SimCity-ish startup texts; was half-expecting it to say “Reticulating Splines” for a minute there.

The gameplay seems to be just grabbing a living goo, mousing over where’s the furthest place you can place it, and then dropping it there, where it will presumably die (no more eyes.. ) and become part of the tower or bridge (depending whether it’s vertical or horizontal). I assume that on the levels get harder and more challenging on the next few chapters, but I have yet to buy it to try it out. Heck, I still haven’t completed the demo yet.

World Of Goo costs US$20, for both the PC and WiiWare versions. Sure, it’s a nice price and I have also bought Kudos 2 and Trials 2 at the same price point (Trials 2 has since reduced its price). However, for now, US$20 translates to SG$30 (if I use a generic US$1 = SG$1.50 exchange rate), and 30 bucks for me just feels a tad too high.

But really, I’m probably feeling that way because I’m a bit tight on cash right now. If I got some spare cash, I wouldn’t mind paying such an amount for a nice polished puzzle game, especially one that I can secretly install on my office laptop. One big plus point for me is that I am a huge fan of indie games that dare to push and challenge boundaries such as this. I would also love to support DRM-free games as much as possible! Not to mention, talented developers such as them should be supported and encouraged. Who knows, they could bring about the next gaming revolution.

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