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There is no quick route to wealth so avoid any sites that tell you otherwise Legitimate businesses do exist who offer good advice and with only nominal start up costs. But, make sure that you have done your homework to ensure that they are all they say they are.

The clearer and more comprehensive the contact information given, the more likely it is that you have found a genuine site. Once you have found a work at home provider that appeals to your expertise, check out their contact details thoroughly and contact them directly for more information and clarification of what they are offering.

Send the company an e-mail and see how long it takes for them to respond. Call the listed telephone number and note what happens. Talking to a real person on your first try is a mark in their favor. On the other hand, if you reach a recording go ahead and leave a message asking them to return your call. If they don’t return your call you should probably wonder how they will respond if you decide to try to make money online using their services.

Terms of Service Read all of the terms of service and any other agreements. This is where they will inform you of how and when you will get paid, among other things. Ensure that what they say on their main website, is the same as on their terms and conditions, if they do not then it is not a good sign and I would question their authenticity.

Do they want Money up front? One of the surest signs of work at home scams is asking you for money to work for them. Unfortunately, so many people fall for it as they desperately try to make a telecommuting living. Remember, you are supposedly working for them, and that means you should be getting paid by them, not the other way around. If any company asks for a fee to work at home for them, then consider it a scam and move on.

Examine the Job Listing Thoroughly Bogus job listings are appearing everywhere recently. In the hunt for genuine jobs and opportunities always ensure that they have at least a contact person listed and give you more information about the job than they ask of you. Further information such as terms of employment, a thorough job description which lists the skills sets required. Some will show a salary guide and most will give the minimum educational qualifications needed. Do they require you to have an active checking account? Beware, this is a ‘red flag’ for scamming sites, ignore the listing immediately and look for a legitimate site!

Do not rush into any decision – think about it overnight … Even if you feel you have found the right opportunity, allow yourself some breathing space. Before committing to work for anyone offering work from home opportunities, sleep on it and revisit the information again. Read through carefully and digest exactly what is being offered. Check the references, think about questions you would like to ask them, contact them and await a response. Be especially careful of those that were unsolicited, scam sites are out there who rely on people that may be vulnerable due to their employment situation.


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