Review: Nook, the Simple Touch Reader

I received my new Nook on Friday afternoon but wanted to put some page time on it before bestowing upon our readership my thoughts on the device. So without further attempts at witty banter, here we go.

My initial thought when I opened the packaging for the Nook was, “Where is the rest of it?” It is a seemingly tiny device until you have put some time into it. I plugged the supplied usb and charger adapter in and eagerly awaited a full charge. Luck was on my side as it only took about 45 minutes for it to fully charge. Initial boot was the typical e-reader fair, connect to wifi and login or create an account and log in. Boot up was done in around 26 seconds. The screen looks just like a Kindle screen, which is to say that it looks amazing.  It took all of 32 seconds to find and connect to my wifi network at home. I side loaded a book that I am in the process of reading on my kindle so as to not be sucked into the story and be able to focus on the device as a whole unit. Side loading is the process of loading a book onto the device that wasnot necessarily purchased through Barnes and Noble.

When holding the Nook my hands initially wanted to rest on the lower extremes of the case, most likely because of my extended time with the Kindle and being used to the keyboard as a ‘hand rest’. Once I got the unit in a comfortable position I pressed the sole button on the front of the nook, the obligatory N. The home screen blinked on and I was greeted by a pleasant layout. There are 3 sections on the home screen: Reading Now, New Reads, and What to read next. Reading now is pretty self explanatory but it is nice to be able to see the page number right on the home screen,as well as a thumbnail of the cover. New reads is the latest additions to your library. What to read next is apparently the top 100 books from Barnes and Noble. The weight of the Nook,while not substantial by any means, if comfortable enough to not be noticed when reading.

There are 4 ridges on the sides of the housing which are used as page turners.One thing I am loving is being able to decide if my top or bottom button is for moving page forward or page back. It is a small but well thought feature that helps me in a big way when reading.  I prefer this method as opposed to the touch screen which was surprisingly responsive. There are 6 different fonts to choose from when reading and 7 different font sizes so all eyes should find something to hold their focus. You can also choose between 3 different spacing options and 3 margins. I personally read with as small of a margin as possible so I can get the most per page that is doable for me. Screensaver options are authors or nature and you do have the option of deciding which you want to see. Unlocking the device is done by pressing the N button and doing an all too familiar slide to unlock across the screen. There is a power button located on the back of the Nook but I am one of those who never turn an e-reader off because I make time daily to read as I unwind.  Once I opened the book and started to read the screen sucked me right in. The familiar refresh as the pages turn that all e-ink e-readers I have used is still there however, it is not as much of an issue as on previous devices. I read for around 3 hours initially to see if I had any eye strain and was pleasantly surprised to find that I noticed none at all. The Nook was firmly nestled in my hand at this point so I decided to dive a bit deeper into it for all of you still hanging on with me.

Those of you familiar with the original Nook or Nook Color are familiar with the shelves on the Nook and will not be disappointed in how it performs on here. I love being able to create and label my own shelves since I like to side load my books to be able to run them on Nook or Kindle.

So after 6 days, 5 books, and 1237 pages I have come to my conclusion on the new Nook. I am loving it. The battery life seems to be phenomenal since after all the above reading I a sitting at 80% of it left.  I will leave you with this parting thought for if you are wondering if this is the device for you. If it seems comfortable in your hand than yes it is.

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