Search Marketing VS Digital Customer Experience

Today consumer commerce is being changed really rapidly. Customers are not satisfied with just a great quality product or a low cost product. They are seeking for online experiences. They fully control their needs and they have the power to quickly seek for the best product that suits them, not just what a major supermarket or a store is delivering. As Jeffrey F. Rayport (Digital Thought Leader) says “a new breed of consumer is being rise, Consumer 3.0 and he is firmly in control of the shopping landscape”. Content is not the king anymore, Customer is.

Search marketing

“Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising” (Wikipedia). Many people think that by just strategically build a fully optimized SEM campaign they will gain optimized revenues.

In my opinion this is fully wrong. On-line marketing is not about doing individual actions it’s all about integration. Let’s say you have built a fully optimized search campaign but your website is not UX optimized. It’s like having the best salesman, that will convince you to visit his store but the store is untidy, demolished and has a bad smell. You will NOT make a purchase. In this article we will not discuss User Experience we will discuss about Customer Experience a more relative field to digital marketing.

So you planned and executed a search marketing plan, your conversion rates are quite good. But most of the visits are bouncing. With a strategically implementation of a customer experience plan, the customer, that interacts in multiple touch points, has more chances to become a loyal and then return to your site again and again.

Digital Customer experience

In this article I will try to describe a simple outline of digital customer experience. I will come back on this topic with more details in a future article.

In order to be successful in the digital era you need to have a great customer experience. Therefore in order to achieve that, you have to build a strategic digital customer experience plan.

Digital Customer experience plan

Define who are your customers and what their needs are

First of all you need to know your customers (visitors). If a company knows its customers it’s easier to focus on them and deliver to them a great digital customer experience. An easy and effective way to do this, is by creating some buyer persona.

So, give a name to your customers, find out their background, their demographics, some psychological factors, their interests, their goals, their challenges e.t.c. Then help them find what they are seeking and engage them with your company.

Tip: Create Buyer Persona for each digital touch point.

With this technique you get a really deep and personal understanding of your customer.

Define what the role of each company’s digital touch points will be

There are a lot of digital touch points a company can use (Google, Social Media, Mobile, e.t.c). But in order to use them effectively you must decide what touch point you will use and what their purpose will be.

Many people think that if they use all the digital touch points with the same way they will have the same performance. NO. Every touch point is a different point that you interact with your customers. Your customers must have a reason to interact with you in multiple touch points.

If all the touch points are treated the same, the customer has nothing more to gain. Furthermore, the audience of each digital touch point is not the same and must be treated differently.

So decide on which digital platforms you want to operate, search what your customers are seeking in each digital touch point and deliver to them.

Give customers special offers and benefits for visiting and attending each touch point.

Map and sync your company’s digital touch points

One of the most important aspects in digital customer experience is that the different digital touch points must be linked together. By linking them together the digital flow is smooth, and every digital point is used at its best.

When the alignment is complete then you have to define your activities in each digital touch point in order to achieve a great customer experience. Categorize your activities by day, by week, by month in order to track your customer experience model and always evaluate your steps and the timeline implementation.

Engage and be Creative

In the almost infinitive on-line content you have to be really creative in order to have any chances in this “content war”. So, engage your users and be extremely creative. Find creative ways on how a customer could interact with the company, try to make him part of the company don’t treat him like a customer but treat him as a part of your community.


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