Learning from the Email Marketing Letters

Recently I came across a blog post saying, he is not reading guru letters for one month. It got two sides.

The upside is you can concentrate on your projects. It is true that all of us getting a lot of emails for different offer. If there is a new launch from some famous marketer. You will get too many mails for the same products from different marketers, whom you are joined in, opt in lists. It is true if you start reading all these letters, it is going to take a large part of our valuable time. Also it will scatter our focus. Many of the offers are so tempting, sometimes we buy. So loss of money. This is a problem for newbie. If you are an established affiliate you can test most of the product for free.

If you are on a product developing project it is very important to stay focused. Wasting time on going through all the marketing emails will delay the project.

But there is a down side for this. These emails will teach you a lot of things. Since you are in the internet marketing, you should watch what others are doing. You should know what products are coming. What are the new strategies used for marketing. If you keep an eye on the emails of marketers, you will be up to date for these strategies.

Some of these marketing mails are very interesting, which anybody can use as an example. I use some of these mails in a training folder, for later reference. My strategy is scroll through the mails at least once in a day. I know which marketers got important information by experience. So I will read them. Click through some of the links, to visit any interesting sites. When I am busy, I will read these marketing mails only once in 2-3 days. If you see any tempting letter, definitely keep it and see what makes it so tempting. Use it in your marketing.

This reminds another valuable lesson. You should always give some valuable information to your opt in list. If you keep sending only affiliate links, your list will know from experience that, another offer and just delete it. I know some marketers who always send some valuable information in mails. I don’t mean the free reports.

So there should be a balance between reading the marketing mails and total turn off to the marketing mails. But it is very important to know what is happening around your niche. Do you have any story about email marketing?

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