8 Secret ANDROID Phone Settings You Should Try

You are using an Android phone for the quite long time. You should know some of the hidden secrets of android phone that will make you more productive and give you an edge over using your phone. After learning this secret, you will use your android phones like a pro.

So let’s jump into it and check what android hidden settings app is available to us.

Sometimes an accident happens with your phone and screen breaks. In such case, you are unable to operate your phone with the touch screen. The simple solution to this is using the USB mouse that comes with the micro port. The android phones are compatible to work with any USB mouse available in the market. Connect the mouse and start operating your phone. You can also connect gamepads, USB sticks and many other things with the adapter.

7) Run two apps side-by-side

The one of the new feature available in the Android 7.0 Nougat is you can run two apps side by side. You can now display two apps on one screen and operate it with ease. It comes handy when you are chatting with the friend and same time you are doing some other work on another app. You can multitask on your phone and do both the task simultaneously.

It is most useful when you are displaying photos, optimizing your social networking profile, etc. To access the featured tap and hold the overview button available at the bottom of your screen then chose the app that you want to run on the side.

6) Change volume settings independently for Ring, Media, and Alarm.

In a default android setting the phone uses the default volume mode for all the audio files. You manage the volume by using the button available on the right-hand side of your phone. But if you want to set the different volume level then you can do this by changing the volume in android secret settings individually. To do that go to the Setting menu, open the sounds, and tapped volume. You will see the individual sliders for each audio type. Adjust it as per your need.

5) Lock screen and give access to only one app

This android feature called pinning is useful in the situation when you are giving your phone to children, and you do not want them to check your messages or mistakenly access your file. You can pin gaming app or the app that the person want to access on the lock screen. He/she can not access other files on the phone without unlocking the screen.

To activate the Setting go to the security menu and enable the screen pinning. Once you are turned on the feature, you can open the app that you want to put on the home screen.

Open Settings, go to the Security menu and enable screen pinning. Once you’ve turned on the feature, launch the app your friend needs to use. Open the overview icon available at the bottom of the phone screen and select the open app. You will see pin icon on the screen. Click the icon to pin the app.

4) Display your IMEI: *#06#

Most comment but essential feature of the android phone. Once in a blue moon, you need to access your IMEI code for some reason. You can type the above code on your Android device and access the IMEI Code.

You can also check these secrets and hacks in Android Phone Settings. You Should Try these on your android phone.

3) Bring back lost notifications

Sometimes we mistakenly swipe the notification to completed reading and then realize we wanted to read those, but don’t know how to do that.

We have android hidden tricks for you. Tap and hold the empty spot on your screen and go to the screen adjusting mode. Go to widgets and find the setting shortcut. Drag the icon to an empty space on the home screen and drop it in a place. It will open the list with a popup. Choose notification log, and there you can find notification history.

2) Check Your Call Forwarding: *#67#

You can use the code to check your call forwarding setting. Just type the code and press the call button to see the setting.

1) Check the File Directory

Your phone might have hidden app which you generally don’t see on the display. The easy way to access those file is reaching it to File Directory on your phone. To check that simply type file:///sdcard/ by going to the chrome browser and the phone will return the file directory containing all the folders available on your phone. Remove the unwanted active apps from the directory by using this secret setting that makes any Android phone feel twice as fast.

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