How To Host A Successful Giveaway

Today Naomi Ellis from Seven Cherubs , the Queen of giveaways is giving us her top tips for running a great giveaway!

On my blog I love to do giveaways. For me it is a fun way to interact with my readers and I love the feeling that comes when my readers/friends find out that they have won something they were really hoping for. I also enjoy the process of working with companies and finding great products to giveaway, but that is another blog post in itself!

Having had the wonderful opportunity to run several giveaways on my blog ranging from shoes, to movies, to online forum memberships, to stationary to children’s lunch boxes, I have been able to learn a few tricks along the way.

Here are my 5 top tips for hosting a successful giveaway:

1. Know your readers: I try to keep in mind when planning a giveaway, what my readers like, what they might use and what they are talking about. I use facebook, twitter and blogs to see what they are interested in and what they are also personally promoting. As my target audience on my blog is mainly women, I recently did a little test to see what what women wanted the most. I ran two different giveaways on my blog. One for the children (cherubs) and one for the women (mothers). It was interesting to see that the giveaway for the women had more than double the entries than the one directed towards children. This helped me to see that my readers are interested in products just that are just for them.

2. Believe in your product: As a blogger, my readers know me. They read my blog, they know what I like and they know when I am giving away a product that I really love. My excitement naturally comes through in my writing and if I have taken pictures you can see the happiness on my face. Believing that you have a great product to giveaway will make it so much easier to promote and share. Generally as a rule, I know that if I love a product other women will too.

3. Promote your giveaway: To get the most benefit out of your giveaway it is important to spend some time promoting it. Share and link your giveaway on facebook, twitter, forums, emails and any other way you can. People will appreciate that you took the time to let them know you are running a giveaway. Most bloggers are busy and do not have the time to get around to many other blogs. Making it easy for them to follow a link to your site will give you more traffic and more entries. Most people would love the chance to enter and win something.

4. Make it easy to enter: As a busy mother and blogger one part I personally dislike about giveaways is when you have to do about 5 things to enter the competition to win a prize. As much as I might love the product, I always leave the site right away if it is too hard to enter. Most people who read blogs are busy and even though they want to enter will not take the time to do a bunch of things for a chance to win a prize. It is acceptable to ask people to follow your blog or refer then to the site of the product you are giving away. You can even ask them to answer a question, but asking readers to do more than five different things is expecting too much.

5. Have fun! Hosting a giveaway is fun. It is the chance to lighten up on your blog and to make it as fun as possible for your readers. Do not be afraid to share your excitement as you work on promoting it. Use expressive words to share how you are feeling and ask questions of your readers that will make them smile and have a good feeling towards their visit on your site. Include pictures of your product to help your readers identify with winning it themselves and let loose on being creative in this way. I so enjoy a fun giveaway and I find I am more likely to enter if there is humour involved.

More and more companies are turning to bloggers to help promote products. Do not be afraid to ask if you can also include a giveaway in your review or promotion. There are many wonderful opportunities to host giveaways on your blog and to have fun. We all love getting awesome prizes for free and being a blogger is a wonderful way to help others.


Naomi Ellis loves to spend her time reading and writing. She is the mother of seven cherubs and writes on her blog at  where she loves to inspire women to create happiness and believe in motherhood. You can also connect with her on facebook  and twitter

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