How to Make your Business More Popular Using YouTube

Lack of popularity is one of the most common challenges business startups face.

“Who am I to compete with those guys who had already established their brand name long before I can even think that I’ll be able to venture in the same business too?” and you start doubting.

Well, that’s where the problem usually starts. Stop comparing because it won’t do any good.

Promoting your business takes a lot of hard work and patience. Thanks though to YouTube. Now, you have another avenue for advertising.


YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites today with an estimated one billion unique visitors per month. The reasons are pretty obvious why the world loves YouTube this much. According to the Uses and Gratification Theory by Blumler and Katz, media users choose and utilize a certain medium if it satisfies them by filling their needs and wants. People love to be entertained, informed and educated. These three main functions of media that people enjoy are apparently performed by YouTube.



With its growing number of users and visitors, YouTube is certainly a great place to market your startup. But before you rush your way to create a YouTube channel, bear this in mind: “You owe your loyalty to your audience.”

Therefore, your content must be anchored on what mainly interests them. What are the things they probably think about most of the time? What are the problems they worry about? What is the key to their satisfaction? What kind of videos will they be more compelled to watch?

These are just some of the questions you need to think about while outlining a solid plan for your channel. Once you’ve established clear, organized answers to these questions, you’ll likely create a channel that grabs your target audience’s attention.



You may use the three main functions of media in your videos. But depending on your audience, you may emphasize entertainment more. Or perhaps, you want to teach them more or keep them aware of the new knowledge you’ve found out. Of course, these things must be related enough with your business.

For example, if your target audience are female teenagers and you’re selling RTWs, you may create a video that teaches them how to make a dress versatile on every look they likely want to achieve. How can they possibly sport an edgy, nerdy, or trendy look? Present something new and your audience will no doubt watch your video up to the end.

The key here is to indirectly persuade your audience to love your product. Never use a direct approach excessively. Stuff like, “Buy this and that”, if done too much will make your channel look spammy. YouTube users hate it when they’re watching a video and suddenly, there’s this unsolicited advertisement suddenly interrupting the moment. We don’t normally use YouTube to watch advertisements. So make your videos less sounding like a marketing guy. Make it funny, heartwarming and unique.

And oh! Don’t make it too long. There’s always tomorrow and next week. People won’t watch an hour and a half-length videos unless it’s Ansel Elgort’s movie. Make your videos last for a few minutes and leave your viewers hanging. But of course, remind them that there will be series coming up so they should subscribe to your channel.



After creating an engaging content, your next move is to spread the word. In the first sentence of the video description, include your website’s URL if you have one. Share direct links of the video to all your social media accounts. You may also embed your YouTube video to your blog or website. Add relevant keyword tags on your video that will make it easier for your target audience to find them on search engines and YouTube search.

To track the progress of your channel, use YouTube analytics. It’s a free tool that shows the number of your channel’s subscribers, and the likes, dislikes, comments, and shares of each video you’ve uploaded. Gathering this data will help you determine which types of video you should create more and which ones to avoid.

YouTube is a powerful business tool. Use it wisely. Convert viewers to buyers now.

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