SEO for Images


I refer a lot of people to my SEO 101 page for help with learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization, and I get a lot of questions about SEO in general. But one thing I notice a lot when …

Search Marketing VS Digital Customer Experience


Today consumer commerce is being changed really rapidly. Customers are not satisfied with just a great quality product or a low cost product. They are seeking for online experiences. They fully control their needs and they have the power to …

Review: Nook, the Simple Touch Reader


I received my new Nook on Friday afternoon but wanted to put some page time on it before bestowing upon our readership my thoughts on the device. So without further attempts at witty banter, here we go.

My initial thought …

World Of Goo: First Impressions


Two of my favourite blogs were gushing about World Of Goo in their respective posts, so I just had to check it out. Thus I decided to brave through FilePlanet for a demo and joined a download queue. But my …

Diaspora: Remarkably Unremarkable Social Network


I joined Diaspora this week wide-eyed and bushy tailed with dreams of a glorious, exciting new social networking adventure. The sign up screen built my anticipation with a sleek, black look and some new-looking features. Everything was a mystery. Until …

Cost of Physical Therapy Assistant Program


Physical therapy assistants, or PTAs, are those individuals who are trained to assist physical therapists in the recovery of patients. The patients are usually accidents victims who have restricted muscle movement. The PTAs are not only trained to provide treatment …