Refusing to ship Huawei phones, FedEx sued the US government

After refusing to “serve” Huawei Technologies, the courier service FedEx filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce for asking the company to enforce an export ban.

According to The Verge, FedEx sued the US Department of Commerce for asking the company to enforce the export ban, along with other surveillance moves. FedEx said this legal obligation was not fair and was an “impossible burden”.

The company insists that it is only a transport service provider, not a law enforcement agency. A few days earlier, FedEx refused to ship Huawei phones to the US because of “problems between the US, Huawei and Chinese governments”.

FedEx describes the current Export Management Regulation (EAR) that forces the company to refuse to transport such “risky” orders or accept penalties.

In an interview with Fox News, FedEx CEO Fred Smith said that Huawei’s export-related control regulations “caused confusion”, affecting the company’s reputation.

However, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stressed that EAR only prevented carriers like FedEx intentionally transporting prohibited items. “The law does not turn the shipping company into a police to know what is in each parcel”, he said.

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