iPhone 4S Owners Believe Current iPhone Is Best

iPhone owners are a loyal group of people and that is not going to change for the foreseeable future. Even with the disappointment in not getting the expected iPhone 5 from Apple, owners are very happy with their phones. We know that iPhone owners are the best repeat customers. With the latest iPhone release from Apple, ChangeWave Research took a look at just how satisfied the owners of the most recent iPhone 4S were as compared to owners of the iPhone 4 shortly after purchasing their iPhone. You can view the results of the ChangeWave survey for yourself to see just how much iPhone owners lover their phones.

As one might expect, the groups where very satisfied with their iPhone 4S purchases and from a group of 215, they asked a series of questions to gather the results and compared them to similar questions asked new iPhone 4 owners back in July of 2010. The comparison of those two surveys continues to show the popularity of the iPhone. Graphs are showing that the overall satisfaction of iPhone 4S owners is 5% higher than the satisfaction level of iPhone 4 owners. While it is 77% versus 72%, the general number is very high and shows just how much Apple iPhone owners love their phones.

It is that level of satisfaction that makes Apple product owners the envy of all other manufacturers of products.

The big question is why do they love the iPhone 4S so much since it is really an evolutionary phone and not a revolutionary phone. That one is not really a surprising answer in the list of possibilities. It is Siri, which has become the single item that has caused the big success for this iteration of the iPhone from Apple and seems to be the one thing everyone is talking about.

As you can see, there are a number of features which are liked on the iPhone, but the big one is Siri followed by Ease of Use, which Siri does provide. Siri makes the iPhone a much easier tool to use in your day to day like. With this level of satisfaction, we are going to continue to hear about Siri going forward as an integral part of the iPhone and iOS.

On the negative side, the number one complaint is the battery and that is a well known problem which has been reported for a while now and has yet to be fixed. The volume of complaints has died down some, but the problem does still exist for some. The next big complaint is the lack of LTE coverage and in the US, this is going to be a growing issue for Apple to address.

Over all, Apple has another complete success on their hands with the iPhone 4S.

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