Joining the adventure in the world after the great calamity, help kid to collect all crystal cores to revive the world of bastion again. Stunning with the hand drawing graphic, the thrill music & a touch control which are perfectly fit to your IPAD

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Bastion IPAD by Supergiant games is once distributed on Xbox 360 and it won so many awards as one of the greatest action RPG game. For now, Bastion is now ported to IPAD ( I will call it as Bastion IPAD) with the no degraded graphic & music. Moreover, Bastion IPAD has already implemented with the touch control, it is perfectly fit to your IPAD dude!

The story of Bastion IPAD is begun when the world is invaded by the great calamity. The entire civilization are destroyed and there are only monsters and chaos left all around the world. Kid (you) has awaken after the crash, as the chosen hero , you have to collect the crystal cores around the world to rebirth the peaceful moment to the world.

The story of Bastion IPAD sounds not so interesting. However, what’s a real damn good in this a is about the game play. Bastion IPad offers a ton of weapons! However, Kid can equip them up to two weapons your choice (Each weapon will have the it’s uniqueness such as Dual pistol which deals a quick damages with several shots in a long range, Musket is a shotgun that deals a spread damage in a moderate distance. Also as the melee weapons such as, the one handed sword, Kid will use his bushido hack & slash style to deals a quick damage with high critical chance to his foes.

Each weapon be upgraded by collecting the upgraded materials and you also need to collect magic shards which are spent as a money in Bastion. One weapons can be upgraded up to 3 levels, you can pick one from two upgraded ability for each level. For example, In the first upgrade of the dual pistol you can choose between increasing 4 more bullets or Modify it to be more accurate on each shot.

One more thing, Kid can also equip with the destructive skills. Such as grenade which deals a massive damage in an area where it is thrown, Squirt lure, Kid will summons a loyal squirts to fight along your side.

Both weapons and skills can be unlocked by visiting the world of Calamity, The proving ground is also a place where you can practise you weapon skills, You will obtain the upgraded materials or new skill if you can achieve the challenges here.

In Conclusion, Bastion IPAD is the Action-RPG game that you must buy! You will feel like playing Bastion on the console game but it is on your IPAD! The graphic of this game is so stunning with a colorful hand draw style as well as the audio which is absolutely matched to the game. Even though the story of the game is not so interesting, But who care? since the game play is addictive enough to make you cannot go anywhere. The multiplayer support is required? No, I think not. Because of the good game play system. Bastion IPAD is better to play alone not with a plenty of guys. It would be grateful if they have published more some special contents for the IPAD version!

I would like to rate this game as 5/5 STARS (EPIC ACTION-RPG game!)

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