Cost of Physical Therapy Assistant Program

Physical therapy assistants, or PTAs, are those individuals who are trained to assist physical therapists in the recovery of patients. The patients are usually accidents victims who have restricted muscle movement. The PTAs are not only trained to provide treatment to patients, but they also lend emotional support to their patients. Throughout the country, the demand for physical therapist assistants is increasing as the number of people in need of physical therapy is also increasing. Because of this, the number of high school students who desire to become physical therapist assistants is increasing, irrespective of the cost of an Associate’s Degree.

Currently there are more than 200 schools in America that offer courses for physical therapist assistants. The cost of each program is not too high. For the entire curriculum which lasts two years, the average total fee is around $9,000. This cost includes expenditures of college classes, books, etc. However, this fee varies among different colleges, as some schools have set higher fees than others. The individuals who cannot afford to pay such a high price for an on-campus program can choose to complete physical therapy assistant courses online. The cost of an online program is much less than that of an on-campus program. There are additional advantages of joining the course online, which include flexibility in time, increased availability of resources, quick completion of the program, and lower cost for the entire curriculum. Usually working parents or physically therapy aides join online programs. The online programs have their own set of disadvantages as well, which include more difficult access to professors, which may lead to doubts and boredom.

There are also colleges that offer scholarships and sponsorships to students for who wish to become physical therapy assistants. Only a select few bright students are given the scholarships. The individuals who wish to join the army after becoming a physical therapy assistant can request the army to sponsor their programs.

There are some individuals who join the physical therapy industry as a physical therapy aide after obtaining their high school degrees. They join hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. If the employer is impressed with the dedication and work ethic of the aide, the employers themselves sponsor the individual in becoming a physical therapy assistant. If the employer does sponsor the aide, he is required to join the employer’s company upon completion of the program.

Whatever the cost, the individuals who choose to join this program have higher chances of finding a job compared to individuals who who aspire to become ultrasound technicians, MRI technicians,etc. Every year, hundreds of jobs are produced all across the country. The time is right to enter into this health care profession, in which where one has the chance of earning a high salary while at the same time helping others.

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