An Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator1)

As its name implies, Adobe Illustrator is an illustrative tool much used by graphic designers. If you want to create some original art work, ready for incorporation into a document such as those produced by software such as PageMaker, InDesign or Microsoft Word or Project which will subsequently be printed at high-quality output, Illustrator is the tool for you.

Many users, new to computers, try to use pixel based paint programs to produce illustrations for their documents, mainly because programs like Paintbrush and Paint come free with Windows and no additional software needs to be purchased. Although pixel-based drawing programs can indeed be used to create graphics, images produced by these types of programs cannot be scaled up and still retain high quality (resolution). A magnified Paint image (a bitmap) will consist of individual ‘blobs’.

Artwork produced in Illustrator does not suffer this limitation because it is a vector based drawing program and the images produced in Illustrator can be easily scaled up or down according to need.

If you use Adobe InDesign or PageMaker for desk top publishing, Illustrator is a natural companion. Images created in Illustrator can be ‘dropped’ directly into an InDesign or PageMaker document, scaled up and down without loss of resolution all without any need for file conversion.

Click here to play a sample instructional movie from the course. It shows the brush palette being used. If the movie plays successfully on your equipment and you hear sound, can see the video, like what you see then please enrol by sending an email to the address in the softwaretutor graphic at the top of the page.

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