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Is your online business in need of SEO help? Free help is the best kind of help, no? I want to discuss a few simple things you can do to improve your SEO and get your content where it needs to be. That of course, is on the first page of the search engine results.

Some of the SEO help topics I’ll be discussing here will include:

SEO For WordPress
Social Media
Link Building Strategies
Quicker Indexing

How Does SEO REALLY Work?

SEO is about using simple methods or techniques to let the search engines know that you have what their readers are looking for. This is fairly easy to achieve by understanding how to properly structure your articles and by properly utilizing your SEO plugin. But first….

Let’s talk about keywords……

There is little sense in worrying about SEO if you haven’t done your keyword research. I’m not going to go into the mechanics of keyword research here but, if you are publishing articles on you site without giving any thought to keywords, you are just shooting in the dark.

How To Optimize Your Content With Keywords

At least 90% of the content that I publish on my sites is carefully optimized for specific keyword phrases. I will use that keyword phrase in the post title, and somewhere in the first paragraph. I often make the keyword phrase bold if (and only if) it makes sense to do so.

Optimizing your posts for the search engines really doesn’t take much more than this. If you are using WordPress as your content management system, there is a plugin called “All in One SEO” which is what I use. This plugin requires very little (if any) modification when optimizing your content.

If you are more comfortable writing your own post description rather than letting Google choose it for you, that is the only section of the plugin that will require any attention.

Here is a screenshot of my All in One SEO taken while creating this post. I decided to write my own description for this post but I left the “Title” and “Keywords” sections empty. Many new webmasters make the mistake of trying to stuff a bunch of keywords into the “Keyword” field.

Do NOT do this!

Not only is that not helpful, but it will actually hurt your rankings! The All in One SEO plugin was designed to do it’s job without any intervention on the user’s part. So, let it do it’s job and you stick to your job of creating quality content for your site.

Is Social Media Important For SEO?

Talk of social media platforms is often intertwined within SEO discussions lately. While social media can be useful for promoting your online business, understand that SEO and social media are 2 entirely different ballgames. Social media is a completely different discipline that requires creativity and often, a good amount of time.

I will probably cover social media in more depth in another post, but for now, I’m going to stick with SEO. I will mention that I do use G+ to promote any new content I create. It’s quick and not as distracting as other social media platforms tend to be.

Link Building Strategies That Are Good For SEO

Link building used to be a huge part of SEO. In fact, many internet marketers used to spend much more time building backlinks then they did creating content for their sites. Google used to have their algorithm set up in such a way that the one’s with the most backlinks won.

This lead to backlinking services who would send thousands of links from irrelevant sites to your site for a fee. Gaming the system this way lead to many undeserving sites being displayed near the top of the search engine results. Many times for keywords completely unrelated to the content of the site! Google has learned to ignore these types of strategies and no longer rewards site owners for such strategies.

So, what is a good backlink strategy?…….None.


What I mean by that is, I don’t have a “strategy” when it comes to backlinks. I accumulate them naturally but it’s not something I think about. I make contributions to other blogs within my niche and sometimes, a backlink  is created. If people repeatedly visit my site’s and leave meaningful comments, I will grant them a backlink.

I do not link bomb people’s blogs. In other words, I don’t just say: “Nice site” and leave a link. If I can’t leave a meaningful comment on someone’s page, I will look for 1 that I can comment on. This is becoming a more common practice among site owners and it’s good for rankings because it shows interest and activity within your website. It’s a win/win situation.

Are You Waiting For Google To Find Your Content?

Google will find your content eventually. But why wait if you don’t have to I always say. I like to announce my new content to Google so I can get it “out there” as quickly as possible. Usually within a few minutes of publishing a new post, I will go to G+, write a catchy sentence, and post my link. That’s it. Now Google at least knows this content exists.

Next, I will go to Google Webmaster Tools, open the fetch as Google function and tell Google to fetch it. Once the url is found, I click add to sitemap and it’s done! If you haven’t set up Google Webmaster tools yet, watch the video below.

Setting Up & Verifying Google Webmaster Tools

It may seem like I’ve covered quite a bit in this post. Most of this stuff becomes second nature and once you develop the habit of doing these things on a regular basis, it only takes minutes to apply. These techniques have done wonders for my SEO and bring me traffic on a daily basis so I know they work.

Any questions or comments on SEO Help – Free Tips To Improve Your SEO? Please leave them in the box below and I will respond.

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