Kahoot is a Fun Free Game Based Classroom Response System

Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and progress from “learner to leader” with the help of an engaging classroom tool!

In 2013, Kahoot! was released as a game-based classroom answer framework. Kahoot! offers teachers a fresh and fun way to measure student skills and inspire classroom engagement. It can be accessed from any computer with a web browser and an Internet link. Kahoot! is used not only by students and instructors, but also by companies and other consumers searching for a positive networking experience.

Kahoot! is a game-based pedagogy that allows learners to do study and create, which is then exchanged with their peers by the instructor and learners. The game-based method of Kahoot! is more interactive than conventional quizzes, bringing students together while they battle for the most right answers and a spot on the leaderboard. Kahoot! has been used in schools all over the world by teachers at all grade levels since its inception.

It’s free to sign up for a Kahoot! account, if you’re an instructor, student, businessperson, or just want to use it socially. The whole procedure takes less than 30 seconds and only needs simple profile information:

Go to the Kahoot! sign-up tab.

As a customer, choose your position.

Assist the school (if applicable)

Fill in your account, email address, and password.

Choose “Create Account” from the drop-down menu.

Your account position is not fixed; you may adjust it by going to your profile on the kahoot bot flooder ! homepage. Your position has no effect on how your Kahoot! account looks or functions; all users will always build their own Kahoot!s, access another user’s Kahoot!, and so on.

In the Classroom with Kahoot!

The game-based pedagogy of Kahoot! is designed around a “learner to leader” loop, in which students are motivated to become leaders by studying, designing, and presenting their own quizzes. Students are motivated to learn and pass on their experience as they do research on a given subject. When completed, the cycle is not only empowering for the students, but also enjoyable.

Once teachers show their own Kahoot! in front of the class and ask students to address the queries, the loop begins. After that, the students focus on making their own quizzes on the topic, doing study and learning more about it. Since making their own Kahoot!, the students exercise their leadership skills by playing it back to their classmates. Teachers can determine a student’s understanding of a subject by looking at the consistency of the questions and response choices in the quizzes.

Kahoot! has a nice function in that it stores the outcome of each quiz that is taken. When players enter a quiz, they must select a nickname with which they would be identified; this nickname, as well as the response each player selected and if they were correct or incorrect, is mentioned in the quiz results. The presenter’s Kahoot! profile stores the registered ratings, which can be downloaded and stored for the teacher’s personal records. This renders using Kahoot! for grading a breeze.

The Path to Better Results and Further Engagement

Students have the ability to improve and enjoying fun as games are used in the classroom. Since they are playing a game rather than doing a traditional exam, students are motivated to do well. There’s a wonderful video of year 9 Eastbourne students playing a Kahoot! game, and one student is really eager to see if his response is right. Both he and his classmates join in the celebration, demonstrating how Kahoot! makes studying more enjoyable.

David Ceron, a 4th grade writing instructor at Ruben Hinojosa Elementary School, saw such a significant change in his students’ grades that he had to tell Kahoot! about it, despite the fact that he had just recently discovered Kahoot! His grades improved from 79 percent passing the previous year to 88 percent passing this year three weeks before the test. He attributes much of the rise to Kahoot!, which made studying fun for his students before the writing test.

Kahoot! isn’t only for elementary school students; Jorick Sheerens’ college class at Mediacollege in Amsterdam reacted with laughter and cheers to the game-based answer scheme. Using Kahoot! in the classroom benefits students of all ages. Kahoot! allows community learning accessible and fun since most students today have convenient access to mobile devices, whether they buy a smartphone or iPad or use school-distributed devices.


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