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Blue dead butterflies on the surface of the water among the stones. Art photo

Hello Everyone!

Where I live, we have a museum that has a huge butterfly study lab and temperature controlled garden. Every day they release butterflies from around the world. You can enter the garden and as you walk around,there are hundreds of butterflies flying all around you. It’s really an amazing sight.

So on a beautiful, warm sunny day last week, we decided to go visit the garden again. Even though I’ve been there many times, I still love to enter this world of flying colors.

Everyone there always wants a butterfly to land on them as if it’s some sign from a non-physical being that you are blessed (or something). There was one boy who was determined to have this experience and sat down at one of the benches, frowning, folded his arms in anger and announced loudly, “I’m not leaving this bench until a butterfly lands on me!” I hum walking past him wondering if a butterfly would want to be around that kind of energy.

After wondering and reading about the different kinds of butterflies, my mom and I decide to sit on a bench and just watch for a while. Even as some of the butterflies rest on the plants, trees and foliage, you still are quite close to them.

So here we are sitting peacefully, taking in the surroundings when all of a sudden, there lands on the classification menu that is sitting on my lap, a small, gray plop of excretion. I look up and realize that a butterfly just pooped on me! I can’t believe it!

First, I never saw a butterfly do this and second, now I am thinking, who ever had a butterfly actually have this happen to them? I haven’t! What are the odds that this has happened to someone else visiting here? I guess I am out of favor with the Universe!

So after a few minutes of shock and laughter, we start to muse on the whole process. What’s the waking dream here? At least the poop hit the menu and not my pants although that doesn’t soothe the ouch of being “dumped on.”

Moving on down the path, we stopped and sat at another bench. I was still feeling a little miffed about the poop experience and was sorting out all my scattered thoughts about it when a beautiful, large,royal blue (one of my favorite colors) and black butterfly landed right on my heart area. It just flew down and sat there looking at me. It stayed there for a few minutes too. People walking by noticed and pointed. I smiled as I felt my heart open. Now feeling this relief, I shifted back into being present and sat with this beautiful creature, grateful he or she picked me to visit.

Life lessons can move this fast. You can be “dumped on”, fired, cut your hand, lose a pet, have little money in your account etc. one day and then, the next day, gifts of Spirit show up again. It can happen if you have done your homework, that is.

If you have spent time clearing out those stuck patterns, habits and old belief systems that aren’t working for you, it can happen. If you have forgiven yourself, sent only messages of unconditional love and nonjudgmental thoughts, to yourself and others, it can happen. If you have learned how to be present and live in Presence, it can happen. If you practice and understand this concept that there is no power outside of you (meaning success is from the inside out), then you KNOW what I am talking about. You know how to shift, choose to feel good and keep moving forward.

I have to practice every day too. Conscious living, where you feel good and life reflects this back, does take an awareness that has to be cultivated daily. It was easier when we were children. But with many years of rejection, heart break, fear and competition, we have to relearn this skill again.

So the next time you get dumped on, rejected, or feel left out from the gifts of the Universe, take some time to reflect on what isn’t working and get the message. Then sit with whatever is showing up and be ok with it. Just allow what you are feeling to be ok. Once you do this, it will disappear giving you an incredible sense that all is well again. Then move on, like the butterflies, enjoying this inner peace and spread it around.

Please pass this newsletter blog on to others. If you would like any help, remember I offer a onetime free coaching session. Thanks for your support and keep moving forward!

All is Well!

Cynthia Christianson
Self-improvement Coach

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